09) Let Get Things Lubricated

The W8 is riddled with a number of problems that lead most people to tell you how much they hate the motors. One of the issues isn't actually a W8 specific problem but does effect them. The motor used an external oil filter and cooler combination that is know for o ring failures that mix the coolant and oil and in my case is a little too bulky. It can be seen off on the passenger side of the motor sitting on the 4x4 in this picture:

Since we removed the oil filter housing we needed to add that back in and use the opportunity to get some clean and full pressure oil to run to the turbos. We had to start with getting the oil out of the motor and planning for where it comes back into the motor so the original fittings that sealed with o rings to the motor had AN fittings welded to them and reinstalled in the motor:

A bracket was sorted to the back of the driver head, a remote oil filter housing was bolted to it and a mock up oil filter was installed:

The lower oil pan half had 10AN fittings welded into it for the turbo drains and uncommon on most turbos the oil feed and drain are both on the bottom of the turbos. With a 4AN feed and 10AN drain on the bottom of a small turbo is a very tight fit, then add in two 6AN coolant fittings and the space gets very very tight. But the drains are placed on each side of the oil pan and short drains were straight shots and the feeds are a lot more lenient about their routing and tuck in and out of the way.

Check back in for more pictures as the lines get finished up.

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