This section is only if you are interested in something that isn't already produced on our site that you are wanting to have created. Anything you ever wanted to see on a shirt, but never have, we can do it! Or more specifically adding your own prized possession of a car to a shirt, consider it done!
It can be a confusing process so here it is:
  1. Select the total number of vinyl colors that you would like to be in your design (not including shirt color). Don't worry, if the design can be done in more or less colors, you can make that decision up until the vinyl is cut.
  2. Once the correct vinyl color option is selected, select your shirt size and color.
  3. Once your selections are finished and processed, we will be in touch with you to guide you through the rest of the necessary steps to getting your one of a kind custom shirt. If you know what photo it is that you will be using on your shirt, than please feel free to email it to us once your order is placed.
Photo Requirements:
  • The whole car must be in the picture (unless you are okay for the design to be missing what is photographed)
  • As high of quality as possible; the better the picture is the better the design will be
  • Good contrast; a black car fading into a shadow will not turn out as accurate as it should
  • Backgrounds can be a part of the design, so get creative