13) Lets Help it Breath

The space, as with all of it, is tight but luckily with the use of dual throttle bodies I am able to keep the charge piping short and use dual filters to save an extensive amount of plumbing. Each side has a filter with a 180 down to the turbo inlet:

Each turbo outlet has a 90 degree bend in silicone to a 90 degree aluminum pipe to a final 90 degree silicone elbow right into each throttle body:

The throttle bodies mount to a CNC flange with a tight 90 into the intercoolers:

Diverter valves will be added and if there is room they will be recirculated into the turbo inlets if there is space.

This will be updated when we get the bell crank and throttle linkage set up to pull the dual throttle bodies.

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